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By: Akshita Garg

Posted on: 22-Jun-2019

Gender inequality something many go through. It is people's mindset that says that boys are stronger , tougher and braver than girls. They think that girls are sweet and gentle born for the service of


The Saga Of A Sycamore Tree

By: Shubnoor Chhena

Posted on: 16-Nov-2017

The Saga of a Sycamore Tree When I was but a sapling, newly sprung from the ground, I would watch the Chieftain’s daughter put on her feather crown. She watered me well, for days that stretche


Go Green And Live Clean

By: Ambreen Bakshi

Posted on: 14-Nov-2017

#aajkyasikhaya #youwecan #togetherwecan #cleanathon #swachbharat #cleanearth #greenearth GO GREEN AND LIVE CLEAN Hi Earth mates, my name is Ambreen and I am 7 years old.I have a green message fro