Meet the Churner!

Rajat Bansal

Class: 4th
School: CSN ( Cambridge School )

I am 8 years old and love to do creative work.A wall in my room is full of my drawings.I love all sports but my favourites are badminton and cricket.I am yello belt in Taek- wandow. I like photography too.My mother is my best friend.

About Me!
  • 07th August, 2009
  • City Lives In: Agra
  • Place I would like to visit: I Love Places That Are Covered With Snow
  • Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, Puzzle Solving
  • Favorite Food: Fried Rice
  • Aim/Dream: I Want To Become A Scientest Or A Pilot.
  • Favorite Movie: BFG And Stuart Little
  • Achievements: I Was Awarded As The Best Student In Nursery Class.
  • Favorite Actor/Actress: Varun Dhawan

Rajat Bansal 's Artwork

The Moon

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