Meet the Churner!

Shubnoor Chhena

Class: 6
School: Jarvis Elementary School

About Me!
  • 01st September, 2006
  • City Lives In: Delta
  • Place I would like to visit: Black Forest, Germany
  • Favorite Food: Spaghetti
  • Aim/Dream: To Become An Author (and Illustrator)

Shubnoor Chhena's Recent Articles

The Saga Of A Sycamore Tree

The Saga of a Sycamore Tree When I was but a sapling, newly sprung from the ground, I would watch the Chieftainâ€...

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In Times Of War

Zigzagging alleys carved deep into the soil Loops of barbed wire stretched across no man’s land Rain-filled trenc...

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Where does snow come from? Where does it go? Is snow even real? Does anyone know? They say that this snow...

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Shubnoor Chhena's Artwork

Morning Seashore

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