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Travelling Through Dimensions (Part-2) By Dhruva

Submitted by Dhruv Tiwari on 2020-04-26

Traveling through Dimensions (Part-2) by Dhruva As you already know that Peter's father figured out many things about the projecter but one question still kept hovering in their minds and that question was 'Why was it addressed to Peter? 'It could have been addressed to someone else like Bill Gates, Akshay Kumar, etc. or it culd have been addressed to big space organisations like NASA, ISRO etc. but why was it addressed to a small boy like Peter? His father told him to keep this a secret. His father (whose name by the way was Rakesh) also told him that on sundays when he was not going to school, they both should try to make the projector work and try to talk to the beings who had made it. Now Peter who was a bit curious about the projecter, woke up at about 11:00 pm at night when everybody was asleep and went towards his father's lab. He entered the lab and immediately went to the spot where his father kept the most important inventions he had ever made. He saw the projecter placed on a table at the farthest corner of the lab. He took the projecter and tried to push a button but the projecter asked for the code and he quickly entered his name. He pressed the button again and lo behold! A bright light shot from the projector and opened a portal which sucked Peter inside it and closed. (TO BE CONTINUED... )

Love you Mithu!

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