Submitted by Shubnoor Chhena on 2018-03-14

Where does snow come from? Where does it go? Is snow even real? Does anyone know? They say that this snow, it falls from the sky. But you never really know. It might be a lie. Why are two snowflakes never the same? How are they so intricate, yet no bigger than a grain? Maybe snow is the wool of heavenly sheep, come to the earth to graze. Or maybe snow is the tears of the great winter moon, whom of which we had thought was unfazed. But why do the sheep come to the earth, instead of grazing heavenly grass? Why does the winter moon cry in the night, has one of his friends come to pass? Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe snow is the sea of ghost sailors and pirates alike. They come to the earth, with their ghost ships, just itching for a brutal fight. But maybe it’s not. Maybe snow isn’t tears or ghosts or sheep or any of the above. Maybe it doesn’t fall from the sky. Maybe it just comes. What I just said is what I think, not what I know. So maybe, just maybe, just maybe, Maybe snow is really just… snow.

Love you Mithu!

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