My Love Of Nature

Submitted by Purnima Singh on 2018-05-04

I love the sound of birds so early in the morn I like the sound of puppies soon after they are born I love the smell of flowers and the taste of honey from bees. I love the sound the wind makes when it’s blowing through the trees. I love the way the sky looks on a bright and sunny day, and even when it’s rainy, I love the shades of gray. I love the smell of the ocean, the sound of waves upon the sand, I love the feel of seashells and how they look in my hand And when the sun is gone, I love the moon that shines so bright, I love the sounds of crickets and other creatures of the night. So when I lay me down to sleep, I thank the Lord above, For all the things of nature and more, all the things I love.

Love you Mithu!

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