Submitted by Anoushka Bisht on 2018-10-21

Aren’t families just great!! Well, let me make it simpler for you to understand... Families are like fudge, definitely sweet but with a FEW NUTS!! I am sure that each of your families might be having one nut or the other of course! In this article written by me I will be sharing an incident that took place among the nuts of my fudge. And oh! What a day it was.. I am sure you would enjoy reading this. It was a dark and cloudy Sunday morning and the monsoons had arrived, it was 11 o’clock in the morning and it was time for my grandparents to leave for the daily marketing routine. I was in school probably listening to some lecture during my language class. The day was passing by just as any other day when all of a sudden an incident, too funny and hilarious soon took place. Our house’s roof is made up of tin sheets with a few cracks here and there. It soon began to rain like cats and dogs and the house was completely flooded. As soon as my grandparents arrived something even worse happened... well, I certainly would not say that it was something to laugh at but it did have a hint of humour and nuttiness... my grandmother got chased by a monkey in the house and the monkey toppled the entire fruit basket and turned the house upside down.. Ha-ha!! Good fun that I missed...apart from this, my poor grandfather slipped due to the flooding of the house and went sliding right up to the refrigerator... GOODNESS!! What a day it was... and when I came home my grand mom narrated the entire incident to me while I helped her clean the house and bring it back to normal... Quite sweet and messy a fudge, my family, isn’t it?! Well what’s a family without a few incidents like these... hope you laughed a bit and enjoyed!!!

Love you Mithu!

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