My Big Dream

Submitted by Adya Katyayani Tewari on 2018-12-07

"So here I am trying to go to school early for the first day of school,and YOUR taking so much time to get ready!"said Mia angrily."Well you SHOULD get ready neatly!"AND!It takes time." said Mia's mom.Then Mia's elder sister started laughing continuously."IT'S NOT FUNNY!"shouted Mia."HA HA!Of course it is!HA HA!"replied May(Mia's elder sister)and they both kept on arguing and arguing and arguing all the way down stairs and to their car.Then mom shouted"ENOUGH FIGHTING!Come in the car and lets go! You'll get late for school!At school,when Mia was dropped off,while she was walking to her class,everybody was

Love you Mithu!

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