Breathe Free

Submitted by Harsheen Kaur on 2017-11-08

BREATHE FREE The day has broken bright and gay, Mom saying wake up dear in time today!! You will miss your bus, are getting late, And will face the school closed gate!! But Mama it is still a dark night!! The stars are twinkling, no sign of daylight!! The fairies are sleeping, there’s a kind of hush, Breathe free mom, where’s the rush? Let me be a child, and have endless fun, With friends and books, another day has begun. So i have to awake early, pray, go to school, Grab knowledge amongst discipline and rule!! I want to play and dance in the rain, Want to splash in the water, hide in the lane!! Cycling in the puddle, messy water, Dirtying my bag, books and each family member!! Let me soar like an eagle in the sky, Let me sing aloud, let the birds fly!! Let me hit my ball, crazily with my bat, Let me eat all junk food and grow nice and fat!! I want to know why the stars twinkle, I want to know why babies are so simple, I want to know why frogs are slithery, And creepy snakes so freaky and slimy? I yearn to fly kites so high, And run so fast that I never sigh!! I yearn to see where the rainbows end, And till how far the rivers easily bend!! Set me free; don’t put me in chains, Let me breathe, away from books and pains!! I am a child and cannot be like you, Let me smile and never be blue!! Let me run, fall and learn, Let me put my hand in fire and burn, I will one day make you proud of me, Let me live my childhood, set me free.

Love you Mithu!

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