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A Letter To Small .. Little .. Me, By My Kinjal Massi

Submitted by Kavya Purohit on 2017-11-11

Dear Kavya, I still remember that day, when your presence sparkled the ray of happiness in our world. Your each tiny gesture and those little innocent acts, thereafter, often put me in astonishments making me fall for you, all over again. The day I gave you a bath in one of your earlier days, left me speechless and worried at the same time, for you didn’t even cry a bit. The level of courage you showed us then, forced me to wonder if you would continue to show the same level of courage to this cruel world, awaiting you? The way you charm us all by flashing your beautiful smile with only couple of teeth in it, makes me believe that probably you would know the importance of winning people over, instead of controlling them in your life. The moment, your tiny soft fingers start caressing my cheeks, when I cry out loud superficially, just to gain your attention, little do you know, how you force me to wonder, wouldn’t you be scared to show this sensitivity to this world full of calculative robots? The quality of selflessness you carry within at this tender age is still, a curious question in my mind. How a child can have such beautiful quality when we matured ones are still fighting over petty issues in our life? I hope, when you will find this in future, you would still be the same person I have tried to portray here and will miss your crazy massi. ;) I wish, may God continue to bless you with the essence of a good human being which would attract real happiness and success, into your life. Stay as beautiful as you are. Love. <3 Your Kinjal Massi.

Love you Mithu!

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