Churned By

Hi Churners! It’s awesome to see you here! I am Preeti Singh, an author and stay with my small family in Chandigarh. I am a mommy to a young lady and also to a cute doggy & very passionate about encouraging little kids bringing out their hidden talent. After being a school teacher for 14 years and writing 3 books, it was time to churn up something for you little kiddos who are yearning to reach the stars but unable to find a safe platform.

An earnest desire to do something creative for budding talent, who are so aspiring and full of life in this digital era, gave birth to Churnings and added a new excitement in my life! So connect with me directly if you like, share your ideas, drop in a suggestion, as I would love to hear from parents and am all ears to learn from kiddos always. We are gonna be here to evolve, learn, grow and also Churn up some fun!! Trust me, folks!

With love Preeti Singh @FB