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  • Travelling Through Dimensions (Part-3) By Dhruva

Travelling Through Dimensions (Part-3) By Dhruva

Submitted by Dhruv Tiwari on 27-Apr-2020

Travelling through Dimensions
(Part-3) by Dhruva

So far you have read about how Peter finds a projecter that is actually a machine to connect dimensions...till the point when he is sucked inside a portal which closed bihind him. Now read further-:

He went in the portal completely spinning and when he came out, he felt a bit dazed. When he looked about he realised that every thing was normal except for the fact that that everything's was upside down, he was standing upside down on the roof of his father's lab. He wanted to cry out loud and call his father but he knew that instead of his father of his dimension, his father of this dimension will come to him. Suddenly he had an idea, he went towards the corner of the lab and as expected by him the projecter was kept there(upside down of course!). He picked it up and entered his name when it asked for the code but it just asked him to try again. He was about to panic when he remembered that in this dimension everything was upside down, so this time instead of Peter, he entered Retep and pressed the same button (as he had done in his dimension ) to open the portal. A bright light shot from the projecter and opened a portal which sucked him inside and closed. This time he was glad to find that he had come back to his own dimension. He decided to never go alone to another dimension and always go with his father.


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