Submitted by Ranbir Grover on 24-Oct-2018


India is the best country ever in the world,
I know that India's all language is gold,
Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and others,
We make the India beautiful together.

India have many river,
But we have to remove the India's error,
We are in India that is why we are so proud,
I say this that India is my home so loud.

Mahabharata and Ramayana are the God gifted to us,
I pray that our India not stop the beautiful adventurous bus,
Taj Mahal is the wonderer of the world,
Shahjahan was make that to say that he love mumtaz in bold,
Whatever the India is but old is gold.

Britishers come to India and make the India slave,
But the freedom fighters make the India independent by brave,
India now have new life wave.

I am proud that our country is now free,
I said to my parents this is the seed who has now become tree.

Hockey is the national game,
Which is now the nation's fame,
Peacock is the national bird my dear,
Tiger is the national animal which make everyone in fear.

This is now the poem end,
India is the best country I wanted to say you we have to make this message send.

Thank you
From Ranbir Grover

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