Go Green And Live Clean

Submitted by Ambreen Bakshi on 14-Nov-2017

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Hi Earth mates, my name is Ambreen and I am 7 years old.I have a green message from Mother Earth for all of us.
I love my planet EARTH.To keep it green I took initiative to make everyone aware of how we can save our beautiful Blue and Green planet.
I made a small group with the help of my friends and we pledge to grow more trees and plants.
I collected stones and painted them to spread the message of “Save Earth”.
To save our planet all of us should follow few things:
We should not waste water.We should ride more bicycle to avoid pollution which spoils the atmosphere.
We should not cut trees but each one should plant more trees.We should not use plastic and should not dump it in Oceans.We should clean oceans and help Ocean animals.We should recycle and reuse the resources.We should not litter around and use garbage bins.
More greenery and cleanliness will give us more oxygen to breathe. Hence clean environment to live and healthy atmosphere and Earth would live longer. We all should spread this message.
Author: taletellerambreen

#saveearth #savewater #cleanoceans #noplastic #banplastic #growtrees #gogreen #saveplanet #savemarinelife #recycle #reuse #cleanathon

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Hello! My name is Ambreen Bakshi and am 7 years old. I am a ...

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