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Gender inequality something many go through. It is people's mindset that says that boys are stronger , tougher and braver than girls. They think that girls are sweet and gentle born for the service of a man and also that they are a burden on their parents. They also think that they should be devoted to the service of their husband and not go out of the house. This is all false. We are born as a boy or girl, what is the problem? When will we start respecting girls and accepting their strength ? If girls are sweet and gentle, what would you say about Mary Kom, Sakshi Malik and Geeta Phogat? They are not boys, they are girls. Will this ever end? How can such people stand before Goddess Durga, Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Parvati and still discriminate girls? Girls will only get the respect they deserve when they will manage to change the mindset of the people. This is also said in the Indian Constitution that every Indian citizen, male or female is equal before the law and ensured equal protection no matter the person is of what colour, cast or creed. Even great female wrestlers are considered strong only by women standards. When will they understand that they are as strong as any male wrestler.Then why this inequality? We want wives, daughter in laws, mothers but if there are no daughters, from where will mothers, wives and daughter in laws come from? Now, let us pledge to not discriminate daughters and treat them like we would have treated a son.

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