About Us

Hi! The Churnings team thanks you for dropping by! Based at City Beautiful, Chandigarh, we have created this online platform exclusively for young, creative and aspiring kids who have talent but need a safe and a reliable exposure to grow. We, at Churnings believe, each child is born with a God-given gift but with time, patience and love one has to unwrap the gift and let the world see the talent, helping the child develop his/ her personality as they grow in life. Does your little one like to scribble poetry, write or paint often? Do they enjoy cooking or doing fun activities with you? Send us their stuff with a little write-up and snap and let other kids learn from your kids too? Mail us at write@churnings.com and let the world see her/his talent.

Why limit your kids’ talent only to school magazines or amongst friends & relatives? The world is waiting and so is the Churnings team to help you parents or teachers or uncles or aunts unfold and reveal the hidden talent of the toddlers around you! So waste no time Kiddos, register yourself, Contact us right away and become a Churner.

We would love to hear from you!